What are friends for



What are friends for?

Have you ever felt lonely?

Do you want someone whom you can share your feelings, your loneliness with?

Do you ever want to make a close friend? 

In this article you will see what actually a friend and friendship is and how we you can make someone your close friend.

What is a friend?

 This seems to be a simple question to answer but indeed is very difficult to find the correct answer of this question. There is no formal definition which can be universally correct to define the word “friend”, everyone has their own way to define their friend. A friend is someone who can be your partner in crimes, your greatest supporter, your mentor, even a soul mate, a person with whom you can share your heart out. A friend is someone who knows everything about you, who knows the real you, knows exactly where you have been and still supports you to move forward in your life.

 Do you ever share the last piece of pizza with your sibling? The answer may be probably “NO”. But its strange isnt it? That you share the last piece of pizza with your friend. When you are lonley and you feel like a lost puppy, really confused on what to do, where to go, what to say etc that’s the time when you feel the importance of someone in your life, someone who is called friend, to fill that empty part of life.

Why friends are important in our life?


As we all know we humans are the social animal. We live in a society. In the same society there are people living of different ideology. Generally, our society focuses on romantic relationships. They belive that if you get the right person for life than you will live happily everafter. But this may not be somewhat true.

Do you share your every little bits whith your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend? Many of our answer may be NO. There may be things which you are unable to share it with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend but the same thing you can share it with your friend without any hesitation. Research has shown that friends are more important to psychological well being rather than your love, family, relatives etc.

Due to the technological advancement the defination of friendship has been shifed. We can take the most commom example of “facebook” , with the help of this social media we can get connected to the peoples from different parts of the world. With just a single click you can add anyone you like and send that person a friend request. You may have hundreds or even thousands of people in your friendlist, you may chat with them all day long. But the question is “how many of the people who are there in your friendlist have you met even once?” “can you talk with them face to face, the way you can chat with them?”. Techology has made us advanced but it has also made us socially- isolated. We have forgotton to interact with peoples. I am sure many of us has the problem of interaction. Futher in this article we will see what can be done to make close friends.

Always  remember that making a friend is the first step in the journey of friendship. It may take time to build a strong friendship but as time passes by the bond will get stronger and stronger. To make your ”just friend” your “closest friend” you need to cherish and devote in that relation or bond. It is a process that will need time, effort and a authentic intrest on the other person.

·         Be a good listener: to make your bond of friendship more stronger firstly you need to listen to every bit that your friend is talking about and be ready to be their mentor, to give them suggestions which they require.

·          Don’t be too possessive: give your friend some space. Don’t be very bossy when it comes to friendship. Never impose your decisions on your friends head, let them decide on what they want to do. Your duty is just to guide them not force them.

·         Be the friend that you would like to have: you may expect many things from your friend. But are you the way you actually want your friend to be? Firstly be the person whom you want as your friend than only expect your friend to be the way you want.

·         Don’t expect too much: expectations leads to dissapointment. Don’t expect too much trust me at the end you will be the one getting hurt and this may even spoil your friendship. Peoples thinking, their behaviour differs, so they may not be the way you have expected them to be.

·         Learn to forget and forgive: are you perfect in every aspect? Your answer to this question is “NO”.  No one is perfect in this world. We are humans and we tend to make mistakes in life. To build a strong bond of friendship you must learn to forget and forgive.


These are some of the ways by which you can make a close friend. In our next article in this series of aritcles from Center for Psychological Health & Emotional Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.we will talk about “Subjective Wellbeing”, one of the most important topic which significantly correlates with success in life.



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