Subjective Well-being


                              SUBJECTIVE WELL-BEING









Do you realise your self-worth? Do you have the urge to be happy?

Have you ever thought “HOW MUCH” happy you are?

On what surrounding do you evaluate yourself?


If you have such questions or something related terms to question above then we are going to answer all your quarries in this article. Here we are going to learn all about subjective well-being and its application in our daily life

Before starting off with the use of it we have to first know the meaning of the term subjective well-being. The term basically means the evaluation of a person by him/her-self. It is also defined as the person’s cognitive evaluations of his or her life. The cognitive element refers to what one thinks about his or her life satisfaction. Self-actualization is one the main key word used in subjective well-being as it is the main part which defines how well we are comfortable we are with ourselves. A person can be more proactive when that person is aware about their own worth. This is the reason many people become more optimistic and hence can perform in a better way.


Subjective well-being is essential to live our life happily. If we are not happy about something or someone then gradually our mood gets upset, we don’t feel like doing things in the same passion that we used to do it in the beginning. For an example when you are happy and feeling all jolly then if someone very close to you comes by and judges your personality In a negative way then you’re happy and jolly mood will come down to an end you will start feeling worthless and useless and cannot perform your task efficiently sometimes words hurt you a lot that it may lead till suicidal thoughts, this could also cause a negative SWB in our minds and body.














We hunmas are always on the side where we call our self a social well being and how much of a social well being we are can be attened by the amout of positiveness and the social support we get through out our life. As we can see in the above chart that inorder to become a well being we have to go through all the main three well being states which are social,physical and mental well-being if we are able to accumiliate all three of this then we can gain high amout of self satisfaction and positive self worth in ourself and thus can lead to a higher amout of subjective well-being.

The use of Subjective wellbeing has been a great phenomenon in the 21st century. It has always been an emerging concept for everybody but what is the practical use of it ? Its simple if you know your self-worth then you can excel in many platform and if you know how to make your ‘self or others self-worth boost up then everybody can excel.



There was a research done in Egypt and found that there has been a direct co-relation rate between the well-being of the people and the Human Development Index (HDI).From the above graph it was clear that as the growth of peoples subjective well-being increase there will be a drastic increase in the country’s HDI which will lead to a fruit full economic development. Hence SWB is not only an important self –concept but also an important national concept.


Center for Psychological Health, Nepal, has a programme for improviing one's Subjective well-being through different thereapeutic techniques and Life Style Modification programmes. We at CPH-Nepal emphasize on the beneficial aspect of our self and also understanding others. 

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