RIASEC Model for Recruitment                            


Do you own a company/business/sole enterprise?

Is your production level meeting your profit level?

Are you concern about your employee turnovers?                                                                     

Do you need more manpower for your business?

Are you thinking of expanding your business?

Need guide lines on what type of people to hire and fire?


If you are in such type of dilemma or have some similar type of problems that you are facing then we are going to talk more about it and provide you sufficient tips for better collection of employees in this article.

First of all we are going to be taking you all through what is RIASEC and how has it become one of the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century.


 The concept of RIASEC was not developed until psychologist John L. Holland came to the picture. He was the initiator of the RIASEC model. When he was trying to find the qualities of all the people around the world he consulted with the dictionary to find the different characteristics of people, there were as many as ten thousand of such words. This became a concern for him then he started to generalize similar characteristics of people into a single term, after many months’ hard work and determination he came up with the RIASEC model.


RIASEC model has become one of the greatest impact in almost every type of organisation in the world. BUT WHY? If you ask it is because of its effectiveness of judging people and finding out their qualities. there are five doors to the RIASEC model and they are explained below


Realistic:  in this section which includes People who are independent, stable, persistent, genuine and practical. They are down-to-earth. They prefer things rather than ideas or people being outdoors, using tools, operating machines, interacting with animals, and working with their hands. So carrer for this type of people are

Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer (with Investigative) 


Anthropology/Paleontology (with Investigative

Architect (with Artistic and Enterprising)

Astronomy (with Investigative)

Carpenter (with Conventional and Investigative)

Chef(with Enterprising and Artistic)

Chemistry/Chemist (with Investigative and Conventional)

Computer engineering/Computer science/Information technology/Computer programmer (with Investigative and Conventional

Dance (with Artistic)

Dentist (with Investigative and Social

Engineer (with Investigative and Conventional

 (Investigative) This type of People include who are "intellectual, introspective, inquisitive curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. .They prefer "tasks that are scholarly, scientific, technical, or medical  activities that involve thought, observation, investigation, exploration, and discovery. Some of the major career option for such type of people are


Actuary(with Conventional and Enterprising)

Archivist/Librarian (with Social and Conventional)

Carpenter (with Conventional and Realistic)

Chemistry/Chemist (with Realistic and Conventional)

Computer engineering/Computer science/Information technology/Computer programmer (with Realistic and Conventional)

 Counselor (with Social and Artistic)

Dentist (with Realistic and Social)

Dietitian (with Social and Enterprising)

Economics (with Conventional and social

Engineer (with Realistic and Conventional)

Finance (with Enterprising and Conventional)

Lawyer (with Enterprising and Social)



This type of people include People who are creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate expressive, unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative such people rely on feelings, imagination  inspiration. they are spontaneous and open-minded. They prefer to work with ideas, abstractions, and concepts. Such people have careers like


Architect (with Realistic and Enterprising)

Broadcast journalism (with Enterprising)

Clergy (with Social and Enterprising)

Chef (with Enterprising and Realistic)             

Counselor (with Investigative and Social)

Dance (with Realistic)

Fashion design (with Realistic and Enterprising)

Fine Artist, Including Painter, Sculptor and Illustrator (with Realistic)

Graphic designer (with Enterprising and Realistic)

Interior design(with Realistic)

Model (people) (with Realistic and Enterprising)

Musician (with Enterprising and Realistic)

Park Naturalist (with Social and Realistic)

Psychology/Psychologist (with Social and Investigative)



Social : This type of People are who are kind, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly. They prefer tasks that involve socializing, helping others, and teaching teamwork, social interaction, relationship building. Such type of people have the following career.

Archivist/Librarian (with Conventional and Investigative)

Clergy (with Artistic and Enterprising)

Community Organizer

Counselor (with Investigative and Artistic)

Customer service (with Conventional and Enterprising)

Dentist (with Investigative and Realistic)

Dietitian (with Investigative and Enterprising)

Economics (with Investigative and Conventional)

Education (Teacher/Counselor/Administration)



Enterprising: this include People who are adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, dominant, persuasive, and motivational. They prefer work that involves "leadership, business, and politician. Such type of people should go for the following career.

Actuary(with Investigative and Conventional)

Architect (with Artistic and Realistic)



Chef(with Realistic and Artistic)

Clergy (with Artistic and Social)

Customer service (with Conventional and Social)

Dietitian (with Social and Investigative)

Educational administration (with Social and Conventional)


Fashion design (with Artistic and Realistic)

Finance (with Conventional and Investigative)


Conventional: Such type of People who are conscientious and conservative logical, efficient, orderly, organized , thorough, and detail-oriented.. They are individuals who value precision and accuracy. They excel in practical tasks and quantitative measurements. Such type of people should go for the following careers.

Accounting/Tax advisor

Actuary(with Investigative and Enterprising)

Archivist/Librarian (with Social and Investigative)

Carpenter (with Realistic and Investigative)

Chemistry/Chemist (with Investigative and Realistic)

Computer engineering/Computer science/Information technology/Computer programmer (with Investigative and Realistic)

Customer service (with Enterprising and Social)



From this article we came to learn the different personality of people there are in the world. This has given us the general idea to recruit a certain type of people for the respective jobs. In many organisation RIASEC model has been the most efficient way to pick the people from a large mass by classifying their attitude into the RAISEC model. 


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