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What is a relation?

Only the relation between a girlfriend and a boyfriend is not stated as relation, there are different kinds of relations such as the relation between parents and children, teacher and student, friends, siblings, relatives, cousins, enemies, employee and the boss, and so on.  Relation can be stated as the bond which is shared between individuals. The bond of love, respect, hatred etc is shared between individuals which is known as relations.

The different types of relation are the relation of a girlfriend and a boyfriend, the love relation between husband and wife as well as between parents and children, the relation of hatred between any two individuals who” get into the nerve” i.e. they hate each other. In this article we are going to deal the relation between a girlfriend and boyfriend.

What is a love relationship between a girl and a boy?

Normally we hear our friends or colleague say “oh! I am so in love with her/him that even I can take a bullet for him/her”. Many of us may find it amusing like how can someone love the other person so blindly that they can see no one and nothing beside the one they are in love with. Isn’t it strange that we sometimes keep our partner even above our parents; we actually make the partner our first priority. If parents are against the relationship than we are even ready to fight with them and end every relationship with them and choose the one we love and go with them. I know this is very strange isn’t it?

The love relationship between a girl and boy is so strong and deeply connected that they can’t see any other person beside their partner, the words spoken by your love is only the truth for you; you don’t want to listen to any other thing beside your lover’s voice. When your mom calls you now and then and questions you “what are you doing?” “Have you eaten anything or not” and so on: you find this very irritating and you even shout out to your mom and tell her to stop nagging. But have you ever given a thought about it? If your love does the same thing and keeps on calling you after every hour that you feel very lucky and cared for. You love it when your love does these things for you but on the other hand you hate it when your mom does the same. Have you ever felt like this? What do you think about it? Let me tell you a strange thing “about 70% of people tend to suicide if they fail in love relationship or if they are betrayed by their partner”. It’s very amusing to know that you cannot actually live without the person you love and kill yourself for them without even thinking about your parents who have given you birth and looked after you all these days. Love is actually very powerful element in anyone’s life.

This is what love relationship is between a girl and a boy.

How to maintain a good and healthy relationship?

A strong relationship can be one of the biggest attainment or support in your life. A good relationship can actually help you in many ways such as a healthy life, strengthening your life as well as to make many new social relationships and improve your personal relation. However, if you fail in your relationship and if your relation is not working properly than it will lead you to a heartbreak which at times becomes so much to resist that a person can even go in depression.

Everyone’s relation is very unique than other. But there are things which are very common in a good relationship they are

1.      Having regular conversation: if you talk to your partner in a regular basic than you will have no communication gap which may help you in some way to avoid misunderstanding.

2.      Handling the conflicts: as it is often said we tend to fight the most with the person whom we love the most in our life. Fights and conflicts are very common in every relationship. If there is no fights and conflicts in a relation than that relation ends on being very boring. A conflict adds cream to the cake or we can even say spices to the curry. You must handle all the conflicts in a wise manner for lasting and long term relation.

3.      Trust: is one of the main elements that you need for a good and lasting relationship. If you trust your partner than you can avoid many conflicts and make your relation go stronger and stronger every day.

4.      Understanding: to understand your partner is one of the main elements for a lasting relationship. Understanding is the must in any kind of relation.

5.      Honesty: truth is very important or it can be even said honesty is better than dishonesty. So it’s better to be honest than to cheat in the relation, being honest will help you to maintain a good and healthy relationship.















As shown in the picture above to maintain a healthy relationship you must follow the steps shown above.

Relationship is a huge word when you say it out loud the fact that relationship is the function of two wheels , one should be remember this at all times. Even though when we feel some times we are always right we have to sacrifice something to become the greater good. We should always give respect to earn some and keep our ego aside just to obtain bigger happiness.

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