Social Media: A Boon or a Curse?





Do you know what social media is?

How often are you connected via social media?

Do you believe it was helpful or not?

Do you have the urge to be linked in with social media?





In this article we are going to be talking about the different types of social Medias that are revolving around the world. We also are going to be focusing on the never ending debate whether having social media is a good thing for human society or it has a negative impact on the people. Before starting of why and how it is a negative or positive aspect let us first talk about what social media really is.




As the word itself is self explainable social media is made up of two words they are SOCIAL & MEDIA, social is being humane and talking with each other rather than being isolated and staying in a corner all alone, and at the same time media is the medium through which things can be easily shared between people and even different groups of people. Thus combining these two terms together it becomes a medium where people can socially interact with each other. We don’t always need a face to face interaction to meet the criteria of being social but we can be socially interacted with just a click of a like button on any social media. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, hi5, yahoo etc. are some of the examples of Social Medias. Everything have its pros and cons. Let us now see whether a social media is a boon or a curse for our lives.



There has been an unstoppable dispute between social media being a boon or a curse upon the human civilization. There remains the big question what is the actual benefit of the social media on the human civilization and what are the actual losses and do the benefit win over the losses or does the losses win over the benefits. These are all hypothetical question as there is no certain criteria set for either the losses or benefits which can be measured. The different advantages (boons) and also the disadvantages (curse) are further explained below:




Social media a positive perspective


We all know that almost 90% of the people who are using internet in their daily lives, has a Facebook account. Facebook is supposed to be the most marketed way of socializing throughout the globe. Facebook has not only has connected people but also has created a platform where people can enjoy, feel connected and special at the same time. The CEO of Facebook is ranked the youngest billionaire in the world. Social media holds that immense power to lift up a person from the ground to sky-high in just a matter of moments. We all know that there are different other social media sites such as twitter, yahoo, hotmail etc these are basically the tools which is used by the businesspersons for their formal communication with their clients or anyone who are related to them personally. Hence social media is not just a place to have fun but also a place to learn and even earn if it is used in the right manner.

For everything there exists both positive as well as negatives sides. Now let us see why a social media becomes a curse in our lives.




Social media a negative perspective


We all know that instagram, Facebook and twitter are all places where people can have fun interact with each other but we know that these are one of the most lethal things to be addictive off.  A case once arose in France that a person who was once a drunkard had stopped drinking by being busy and addictive in Facebook, now that same person had to be sent to rehab just to stop his obsession towards Facebook. We know that “TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD” likewise being too much of into social media can ruining times of being actually social. There is a saying that social media is anything BUT social, because we tend to break our links with the real world when we are strongly connected with the Social Medias.


Here, we have talked about the negatives as well as the positives aspects in this article about social medias and the question still remains whether it is a boon or a curse, thinking over and over we have sincerely asked our kind readers to go through this and think about it themselves and conclude weather it’s a boon or a curse. Furthermore a video below is linked hoping that once our readers watch it they will be more clearer and wiser.


A beautiful debate on social media

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