Earthquake in Nepal - The Black Day


Earthquake in Nepal - The Black Day


natural disasters.jpgNatural disaster is a natural effect which causes great damage to the life of people as well as to all the properties of the people. Examples of natural disasters are earthquake, flood, landslide etc.

It strikes unexpectedly and leaves behind everyone’s life scattered, with physical injuries, lost shelters, and loss of food to eat, and even jobs.


There are many types of natural disaster which have a devastating impact in their own respect but here we are going to be talking about one of the major type of natural disaster which is Earthquake.

First of all let us all know what exactly earthquake means; generally earthquake is defined as the shaking of the ground which as a result causes great destructions of properties as well as killing of thousands of people, it takes place by the movement of the earth’s crust or volcanic action. An earthquake is something which is unpredictable it can take place at any time and in any country. When a main shock occurs it is followed by aftershocks. Aftershocks take place to balance the plates beneath the ground and bring it back to its original position.



Recently a dangerous earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit the parts of Nepal. It is also known as Nepal earthquake or even Gorkha earthquake.  The April 25, 2015 has been considered as the black day in the history of Nepal. It was 11:56 am ; day Saturday when everyone was relaxing in their houses as it was a day off for everyone in the country, a natural disaster took place which killed over 8000 souls and destroyed many properties. The earthquake left many people homeless, orphans, starving for days just weeping in grief. Out of 75 districts the earthquake hit the 14 districts of Nepal and they are Dhading, Gorkha, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Sindupalanchowk, Kavre, Kodari and so on.



 This tragic insident brought many tears to family many souls departed and many houses turned into rubbles. The BLACK DAY so called for nepal has hurt the country in many sectors such including eucation, economy, political stability etc. The photo also shows clearly the earthquake victim of the capital city kathmandu.

Kathmandu being the capital of the country was in the state of great devestation as the countrys most established and facilitied place there was an estimate of over one thousand of lifes lost and many houses destroed. In the occurace of the first earthquake (on 25th April) the shock had hit the ground so hard that the road in bhaktapur was affected severly. The road was made clear after few  hours and only.



We have been thankful to all the nation who have donated for Nepal in all the way they could. Out of which we are really thankful for our neighboring country who had initiated the helping hand to our country by sending us their troops to dig out and save the survivors and people who are trapped in Nepal. International help also includes a huge amount of funds which are utilized in order to rebuild Nepal. The funds are being utilized in order to rebuild our damaged sites and help the needy people stand up on their feet.











Our Country has gone through a devastating state, many are forced to sleep under the open sky and many are homeless as well as helpless. At such a time WE SHOULD NOT LOSE HOPE. We still have our pride living inside us and we should utilize each and every individual’s strength to overcome this situation and build new Nepal.