The main objective of Center for Psychological health & Emotional Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. is to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness and their intricate relationship with stress. The organization aims to sensitize individuals to various signs and symptoms of excessive stress, through Psychoeducation, Videos, Biofeedback, and educate them to various stress management techniques. The center aims to emphasize on the preventive aspects various mental ailments and educate them about the beneficial effects of various steps which they can adopt to minimize the detrimental effect of stress by adopting stress management techniques, lifestyle modification and adoption of various other preventive measures which are established by scientific research to be effective.

The center also has a team of well-trained psychologists who can offer psychotherapies including CBT and other scientifically established techniques to alleviate suffering and foster insight and growth to individuals already suffering from different kinds of psychological disorders. The center has a vast network and liaison services with world renowned psychologists to offer individuals with specialized care and therapies to overcome their psychological problems and move ahead more confidently towards their personal goals and interests.

In addition to these goals CPH organizes various short term programs such as personality development, Cognitive Training, Career Decision Making programs, and other activities that helps individuals become more aware of their potentials and move ahead towards realizations and cultivation of those goals and by which develop a strong self-awareness and increased self-esteem.

In the same regard CPH is proud for its alliance with a world renowned company, Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment a division of NCS Pearson (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is the owner, publisher, copyright holder, proprietor and sole supplier of the Pearson products and have a collection of assessment and interventional tools such as Cogmed and CMD and many assessment tools such as WAIS and WISC to name just a few. We are glad to announce that in a short span of time we have been able to achieve a distributorship status for whole of Nepal.

The other objective of CPH is to work in the area of School Mental Health. School teachers encounter a variety of difficulties while dealing with students such as learning difficulties, attentional problems, conduct disorders, hyperactivity disorders etc. However, many schools do not have a provisions for a well-trained counsellors and teachers are not sensitized to these problems in school going children. As a result teaching and learning becomes more of a tedious and stressful activity both for the students and for the teachers.

Center for Psychological Health & Emotional Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. brings its expertise into this important area and works together with schools to raise awareness and build capacity in part of teachers to identify students who may be vulnerable or even suffering from various psychological difficulties. We also seek to provide teachers with simple assessment techniques to come to a conclusion through the use of available tools. We plan to sensitize teachers about various aspects of mental health issues in children and a need for a prompt referral for further assessment and intervention to centers which specialize in childhood psychological problems.
In regard to School Mental Health program, CPH offers a variety of programs which caters to the need of teachers as well as students. CPH have provisions for training in such areas as study habits, mnemonic techniques, parenting skills training, and other short term training programs as the need arises.